le quinquerlet

a unique place in a unique style. enclosed by stone walls, its wild garden leads to various outside terraces, ponds, an indoor pool and a private art gallery.
made of both, old and contemporary materials: limestone, glass, steel, mosaics...le quinquerlet is a place grown in a period of 40 years by the hands and the ideas of the architect, artist and musician roland graeter. the emblem of  le quinquerlet is its 500-year-old oak tree. the five apartments, laundry, art gallery, pool and atelier flat are surrounded by a garden, structured by stone walls, basins, terraces, niches and stairways.  standing on the big roof terrace you see a lavender field through the pine trees. in the north direction you are looking towards the montagne de vaucluse. 
le quinquerlet is a place you'll never forget...for couples, families and workshop groups.